Virgin Mobile 0870 280 2394

Give the Virgin Mobile contact number a call if you would like to talk to the Virgin Mobile customer service team about your recent Virgin Mobile purchase or if you are thinking about purchasing from Virgin Mobile. The Virgin Mobile phone number accepts calls from 8am – midnight, 7 days a week.


Virgin Mobile Contact Number:
0870 280 2394

Calls cost 13p per minute plus your phone companies access charge.

Virgin Mobile Contact Numbers

DepartmentContact Number
Customer Service0870 280 2394
Technical Problems0870 280 0280
Existing Customers0870 280 0372
Virgin Mobile Upgrade0870 280 0407

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Virgin Mobile is a wireless communications company that is currently headquartered in London and provides wireless services in eleven countries. Virgin Mobile contact number 0870 280 2394 can be used by anyone who would like to speak with a VM customer service agent. In addition to providing connection service, the company also offers devices, such as mobile phones and tablets. Orders for these products can be placed online or submitted by calling the Virgin Mobile number. Physical store locations are also an option for those who need help or wish to make a purchase.

Virgin Mobile Customer Service Information

There are several options available to those who wish to contact Virgin Mobile. One of the most popular contact methods is of course telephone, and contact number 0870 280 2394 can be used to connect. The company can be found on social media, and does accept emails. Web chat is an option that is sometimes made available on the company website. For those who would like to seek answers prior to making a call to customer service can view help & support topics online, and are free to make use of the discussion forums.

Virgin Mobile Contact for Products

Mobile phones and tablets can be ordered directly from the VM website or from any store location. Phone orders are also accepted. If you would like to place an order, or need help with the ordering process, contact Virgin Mobile. Once an order has been placed, it can be tracked using the associated tracking number. This can be viewed online by logging into your account. Any delivery problems, such as a lost or stolen delivery, should be reported as soon as possible to the customer service department.

Virgin Mobile Number for Services

There are many different services to choose from, including mobile service, internet, television, and home phone. If you would like more information about the costs of these services or the options available, call Virgin Mobile phone number 0870 280 2394. Some services do require installation, and this can be scheduled by speaking with an agent. Payment for services can be made online or by calling in to make a phone payment. Mobile customers will have two billing options – monthly billing or Pay As You Go (prepaid). There are several service plans to choose from and an agent can help you to select the one that is right for you.

Virgin Mobile Contact Number for Account Help

Signing up for an online account will allow you to do many things, such as manage your services, make payments, place product orders, and more. If you need help with creating an account or managing your existing account, contact Virgin Mobile by calling 0870 280 2394. Automated payments are an option that will ensure non-stop service, and these can be set up from within your account. All payment and billing questions should be directed to the customer service department. An agent can also help matters such as password changes, account deletion, username changes, and more.

Virgin Mobile Helpline for Problem Reporting

Service problems can be reported by calling 0870 280 2394 and speaking with a Virgin Mobile customer service agent. Service status information is available online if you would prefer to check there prior to calling. This feature will tell you more about the service status on a local level, and will also help with diagnosing and solving problems. The aforementioned contact number can be used to report problems with all services, including television, internet, mobile, and home phone. It can also be used to report problems with equipment and devices.

Virgin Mobile Contact for New Service & Moving Home

If you would like to order service for the first time, contact Virgin Mobile. An agent can walk you through the process and schedule an installation appoint for you if you are ordering home services such as television, internet, or home phone. If you already have service and will be moving home, call 0870 280 2394 and report the move to an agent. This Virgin Mobile contact number will put you in touch with someone who can help complete the transfer of services smoothly, with little or no downtime for your service. Transfers can take a few days, so contact Virgin Mobile as soon as possible if you are planning a move.

Pay Monthly Device Upgrades

Customers who have agreed to a contract will be able to upgrade to a brand new phone after a period of time. Those who are on the Pay Monthly plan will be able to get the same types of deals as those that are offered to new customers. Virgin Mobile offers several Freestyle Contracts, offering a higher level of flexibility to their customers. If you are due for an upgrade, you will need to select a new phone and a tariff, and then contact Virgin Mobile customer service to complete the process.

If you would like to upgrade online, it may be possible to do so. It will still be necessary to select a new phone and a tariff. These can be added to your basket for checkout, after which you will need to select that you are already a Virgin Mobile customer. Your current phone number will remain the same, even if there are multiple devices being upgraded. If everything looks good, complete the checkout process online and expect a confirmation via email. Next day delivery is free and the new phone and tariff plan billing does not start until the old contract expires.

Pay As You Go Tariff Options

All customers can take advantage of Pay As You Go services. This includes new customers who purchase a phone and those who already have a device that they wish to use. If you wish to continue using your existing device, call the Virgin Mobile telephone number and request that a SIM card be sent to you. You will need a SIM card in order to be able to use the device on the network. Once the SIM is installed and you’re ready to go, a tariff plan can be selected. Below are the current options.

Starter Tariff – Every customer starts with this tariff, but can then upgrade to one of the other tariff plans mentioned here. The Starter plan charges 15p a text to any UK mobile phone, 40p a minute to any UK mobile phone or landline (including voicemail), and £1 per day for 100MB of data within the UK on days that you access the internet from your phone. Any usage that goes above 100MB will be charged at a rate of £1 per 100MB thereafter.

Big Data & Texts – A £10 top up will provide 3,000 text messages and 1GB of data. A £15 top up will also provide 3,000 text messages, but more data – 3GB. Unlimited calls to other Virgin Mobile customers are included in the month after topping up with an amount of at least £10. Virgin Mobile contact is recommended if you have any questions regarding this tariff.

Big Talk – A £10 will provide unlimited minutes to landlines and 120 minutes to UK mobile phones. A £15 top up will provide the same, but will also provide 3,000 text messages. Calls to other customers using the Virgin Mobile services are unlimited and cost nothing extra. Do ask friends and family to confirm their network of choice to avoid any problems with incurring unexpected call costs.

There are rates for when the aforementioned limits are exceeded. Calls will cost 35p per minute outside of plan limits, while voicemail calls will cost 26p per call. Texts are 12p each and data costs £1 per day for 100MB within the UK (on days the internet is accessed). Each additional 100MB costs £1 per day. An access charge of 36p per minute access is charged for calls to service numbers that begin 084/087/09/118. Contact Virgin Mobile for a list of current rates.

Switching to Virgin Media

There are four steps to follow if you wish to switch service providers. Virgin Mobile customer service is available if you need assistance with making the switch. Trained agents can help with device activation, answer questions about rates, provide device and tariff recommendations, and more.

Step One: Purchase or activate a mobile phone. You can purchase a new device if you wish, or activate a device that you already own. The site has lots of phones to choose from, some of which can be paid off over time (with approved credit). To activate an existing device, you will need to have a SIM card. Call the Virgin Mobile number shown here to request one.

Step Two: Part ways with your current provider. If your current contract with another provider has ended, simply call the company and let them know that you wish to cancel. While speaking with their customer service department, request your PAC code. You are going to need this code in order to transfer your current phone number to your new service (and/or device). If your contract period has not ended, you may be asked to pay a termination fee.

Step Three: Have your phone unlocked. This step is only necessary if you plan to continue using an existing device. If you aren’t, skip to step four. If you are, you will need to let your existing network provider know that you are switching. In some cases, they may ask for a one-month notice and charge an unlock fee. The provider will provide an unlock code. When you install the SIM in your phone, the code will need to be entered at that time.

Step Four: Transfer your telephone number. To complete the number transfer, have your PAC code available, along with the phone number that you wish to keep and then call the Virgin Mobile contact number. The customer service agent that you speak with will arrange the transfer. This typically takes one business day. Note that this change cannot be made on weekends or on bank holidays, so call during the week for faster service.

Virgin Media Mobile Broadband Device

Through the Virgin Media Wi-Fi device, customers can access the internet on laptops, tablets, and other devices from anywhere. It is possible to connect without the need for a Wi-Fi hotspot, as the device becomes the actual hotspot. When the device is used, up to 10 other devices can all connect from anywhere. Whether you are in your car, in the park, or meeting with a client, your devices can be connected to the internet.

The ZTE MF65M wireless mobile broadband device can:

  • Create a 30 foot range hotspot around you for connection of up to 10 devices.
  • Allows devices to make a connection from their wireless network list.
  • Allow for connection without the use of any USB ports.
  • Allow for connection without any wires or cables.
  • Operate without the need for any extra drivers, software or system requirements.
  • Support download speeds of up to 21Mbps and upload speeds of up to 11Mbps.

Contact Virgin Mobile for technical assistance with the device or connection. Support is also available for tariff options for mobile broadband. At this time, there are two options: 30 day rolling and 12 months. The 30 day plan starts as low as £24.99 upfront and then £5 per month for 500MB. There are additional options to choose from, with the maximum being 8GB per month for £21 per month (plus £24.99 upfront). The 12 month plan offers 2GB, 4GB, and 8GB options at rates of £10, £13, and £20 per month, respectively.

Data Only SIM Service

SIM service is an option for those who wish to be able to connect to the internet from anywhere, without the need to search for a hotspot. 30-day and 12-month contract plans are available and can be set up by simply calling the Virgin Mobile UK number. Unlike the Wi-Fi device offered by the company, SIM service is for one device only. Rates start as low as £5 per month for up to 500MB of data. Much larger data plans, up to 8GB are available. Virgin Mobile contact is recommended for those who wish to establish SIM data service for their tablet or other connectable device.

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