United Utilities 0870 280 2581

Dial the United Utilities contact number to get in touch with the United Utilities customer service team about your water supply. The United Utilities phone number can be called between 8:00am to 6:00pm, 5 days a week.


United Utilities Contact Number:
0870 280 2581


United Utilities was founded in 1995 and is currently the largest water company in the United Kingdom. United Utilities contact is as simple as dialing 0870 280 2581 and speaking with an agent. The company came to be when North West Water and NORWEB merged twenty years ago, and today, shares are publicly traded on both the London Stock Exchange and the FTSE 100. United Utilities is headquartered in Warrington, England and provides water service throughout North West England.

United Utilities Contact Number for Customer Service

Phone contact is the most popular way to contact United Utilities. If you would like to connect to the customer service department, call 0870 280 2581 from any landline or mobile phone. Email contact is an option that may be available for certain topics, but you will need to make use of the Help and Support area of the company website first. The company can be found on social media, where they do offer general assistance and answers to many questions. Assistance in one or more forms is available at all times, so do not hesitate to reach out if you need help.water

United Utilities Helpline for Payments & Billing

Having an account will allow you to take care of many tasks, such as viewing and paying your bill. If you need account help, such as password recovery, call United Utilities. An agent can help you to get back into your account, and can also help with other account-related matters such as updating personal information, adding or removing payment methods, closing an account, and more. Security concerns can also be reported to the company, and you should let them know if you feel that your account has been accessed without your permission.

Billing errors can be reported by calling 0870 280 2581. An agent can review the charges on your billing statement, and if an error has occurred, process a refund or credit for you. There are several options available for paying your bill, including credit cards, debit cards, and more. Auto bill pay is an option, and this can be set up by using the United Utilities contact information provided here. Auto pay will process your monthly payment for you, with no action required on your behalf.

United Utilities Phone Number for Emergency Reporting

Emergencies, such as water outages, leaks, and more, can be reported 24-hours a day. Dial United Utilities contact number 0870 280 2581 to report an emergency. Low water pressure should also be reported. Plumbing services and help in the case of flooding are available. If a widespread problem is taking place on a local level, an agent will let you know and will provide an estimate for the time-frame of service restoration. If a repair appointment is needed, an agent can help set this up for you at an agreed upon date and time. If there are any costs, these will be explained to you in advance of service being performed.

Contact United Utilities for New Service & Moving Home

To set up new service or schedule the transfer of your existing service, call 0870 280 2581. An agent will tell you the exact steps needed in order to establish service with United Utilities. When moving home, be sure to call as soon as you have your new address. It can take several days for a transfer to be completed, so putting in a request as soon as possible is an excellent idea. It may be necessary to first verify that your new home can receive water service from the company, so contact United Utilities customer service to verify. Phone lines are open Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm local time, excluding bank holidays.

Applying for a Water Meter

Prior to requesting that a water meter be installed in your home, call the United Utilities telephone number to discuss the process. There are certain terms and conditions associated with water meter installation and you may need to know exactly what these are. It can take a long as eight weeks for the installation to be completed, but the company will try to complete the installation faster than that. Note that new meters are installed inside the home and can be read remotely, without the need to enter your home. However, interior installation is not the only option.

If you choose to have your meter installed on the outside of your home, you will incur a higher cost for installation. United Utilities contact is recommended for the purpose of discussing costs and the steps included in the installation process. The company will have to gain access to your incoming water pipe in order to be able to successfully install the meter. This could require the removal of anything that obstructs the pipework so as to complete the installation. Those who rent rather than own may need to contact their landlord before scheduling water meter fitting.

Submitting Water Meter Readings

If you need to submit a water meter reading, you will find that the process is quick and easy. It is possible to contact United Utilities for help or to submit your reading data. There is also an online form provided for submitting your meter reading. The company does ask that you read the privacy statement so as to understand how your personal information may be used prior to using the online form to report your reading. Some information may be shared with outside parties.

To submit a reading online or by phone, you will need your account number, your property details, the serial number on your water meter (if you have it), and the actual meter reading. The online form also asks for details such as your name, contact number, email address, and whether your reading is for a home or business location. To save time when reporting by phone, have this information nearby before placing the call. If you are unsure as to whether or not you need to submit water readings, contact United Utilities.

Bill Payment Assistance

If you are struggling to pay your bill, please call the United Utilities contact number. The company understands that people do encounter financial difficulties from time to time and offers to help you by way of bill payment assistance. There are several options to choose from, some of which you may qualify for. These include:

Direct Water Payments – United Utilities works with Department of Work and Pensions to assist customers who have fallen behind on their water charges. This form of assistance is for those who receive certain benefits, such as Employment & Support Allowance, Job Seekers Allowance, Income Support, Pension Credit, or Universal Credit. Those who receive benefits and are £50 or more behind on the water bill can have the charges deducted directly from benefit payments.

Arrears Allowance Scheme – This scheme provides two tiers. For the first six months of participation, United Utilities will match your payments £1 for £1, so long as you adhere to a payment plan. After six months, if you continue to make payments according to the payment plan that was provided, for £1 you pay, they will add a £2 allowance to your account until the past due amount is cleared. Not everyone qualifies, so call the United Utilities number shown here to apply.

Support Tariff – This tariff is currently being tested and is only being made available to customers who reside in the East Lancashire, Fylde Coast areas. To qualify, you cannot be a homeowner and must receive certain benefits, such as housing benefit, Income-based Job Seekers Allowance, etc. There are six tariff options, with the amount being based upon your individual circumstances. If you live in one of the areas mentioned above, ring United Utilities customer service to apply.

Trust Fund – In the case of severe hardship, you may be able to collect a one-off payment that will allow you to start with a clean slate. The Trust Fund is managed by trustees that are independent of United Utilities and is in place to help those who have serious financial problems. There is an application form that must be completed in order to apply and approval is based on individual circumstances. Contact United Utilities to request an application.

Priority Services

Priority services are intended to help those who have temporary or permanent needs. These could be related to age, disability, financial problems, mental health issues, and more. Priority services cost nothing and registering to receive them will allow United Utilities customer service to determine the type of support that is needed and respond quickly to needs. There are three ways to apply for these services – online (form), webchat, and by calling the United Utilities phone number. It is possible to apply on behalf of someone else, including family members, neighbours, and friends.

United Utilities Billing Statements

It is important to understand how your bill is calculated each month. The amount that the company charges for their services is based upon whether you have a water meter. If you do, the amount that you pay will be based upon the actual water meter reading. If you do not, the amount will be based upon a rateable value. United Utilities contact is recommended should you have questions about any charges that appear on your billing statement.

Note that a portion of your bill goes to funding improvements within the water network. The company does provide additional information regarding these services and you can request their leaflet that provides these details. This information is automatically sent to customers once per year, and there are two different versions – one for those who have a water mater and one for those who do not.

Bill Payment Options

There are several payment methods accepted for paying your water billing. These include methods that can be used to pay online, by post, and by phone. If you need to pay your bill, these are the available options:

  • Online Payment – Log into your account and make a payment using a credit card or debit card.
  • Ping It – Pay using the Ping It mobile payment service.
  • Direct Debit – Call the United Utilities phone number if you need help with setting up direct debit.
  • Bank Payment – Visit your bank or building society to make a payment.
  • Cash Payment – Accepted at Payzone outlets and post offices.
  • Cheque Payment – Can be mailed in by post.
  • Phone Payments – Call the United Utilities telephone number to pay over the phone.
  • Internet Banking – Submit a payment to: NatWest Bank PLC, Sort code: 010917, Account number: 58933956.

Note that one or more payment method can be saved in your online account for submitting payments. This method can be used for one-off payment, as direct debit is not a requirement.

Business Services

United Utilities offers several different services for businesses. These are intended to help you manage your water supply and waste water deals, and also deal with any problems that might occur. Included in these services are:

  • Leak detection and repair
  • Smart meters
  • Emergency water supply
  • CCTV and drainage services
  • Network Modelling
  • Network Rehabilitation
  • Standpipe service
  • Environmental services
  • Safe dig maps

For additional information about any of these services call the United Utilities contact number or send an email to: solutions@uuplc.co.uk. The telephone number shown here can also be used to call and enquire about your billing statement or to ask any questions about your water supply. Note that some of the aforementioned services are provided by third-party companies.


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