TalkTalk 0870 280 7680

Give the TalkTalk contact number a call if you would like to talk to the TalkTalk customer service team about your phone contract or broadband account.


TalkTalk Contact Number:
0870 280 7680

Calls cost 13p per minute plus your phone companies access charge.

TalkTalk Contact Numbers

DepartmentContact Number
General Enquiries0870 280 7680
New Customer0870 280 0384
Account & Billing0870 280 0387
Technical Help0870 280 9489
Moving Home0870 280 9499
Products0870 280 9509


TalkTalk is a part of Telecom Group plc (also known as TalkTalk Group). The company currently offers pay television, telecommunications, and internet services. They additionally offer mobile network services to businesses and individuals consumers throughout the United Kingdom. Talk Talk was originally founded back in 2003 as a subsidiary of Carphone Warehouse. The company would go on to break out as a standalone company in 2010. Company headquarters, along with Talk Talk customer service are located in London

TalkTalk Business Information

TalkTalk got its start by providing fixed line telephone service. The company still offers that type of service today, but also offers mobile phone service and broadband internet service as well. There is a separate TalkTalk Business brand that telephone and broadband services for businesses are marketed under. Similar to other UK internet service providers, the company has invested time and money into its own exchange infrastructure Since 2012, Talk Talk has become the UK’s second service provider to offer four services – TV, broadband, phone, and mobile services. For additional business information, dial Talk Talk number 0870 280 7680.

Talk Talk Customer Service Information

Talk Talk contact should be the first action for those who have questions about their account. TalkTalk customer services are available to help answer questions about all of the products and services that the company offers. The support team can also help with troubleshooting, including setting up a repair appointment if one is needed. Should you need to report a problem or a lost or stolen device, call 0870 280 7680. Problem reports are always accepted and customer service agents can provide details about widespread service outages.

Talk Talk Products and Services

TalkTalk currently offers a wide variety of products and services. Customers can order mobile devices from the company, along with connectivity services for those devices. There are several current generation smartphones to choose from, and several service subscription rates to fit any budget. Qualified buyers can purchase mobile devices and pay monthly installments. SIM only service is an option for those who would prefer not to purchase a new device. If you have questions about pricing, financing, or special offers, dial 0870 280 7680 and speak with a member of the support team.

Standard broadband and Fibre broadband services are also offered. Business broadband is offered separately. TalkTalk phone number 0870 280 7680 can be used to connect with a member of the business services team. Both types of internet services are offered in unlimited data packages. The primary difference between the two is connection speed. With standard broadband, up to 17Mb connect speeds are possible. With Fibre, this jumps to up to 38Mb. There are several special promotions offered for new customers who order service for the first time. Speak with a customer service agent if you are interested in learning about these offers.

Television service and home phone are the final two options. Phone is included with many of the services offered at no extra cost. There are two television services to choose from – Essentials TV and Plus TV. Both provide access to all types of programming, including on demand programs, standard and HD channels, and other features. TalkTalk contact is highly advised if you would like to compare the features and costs of each of the available television service packages. Customer service agents can also provide information about contracts and limited time special pricing deals.

Making Service Changes with TalkTalk

TalkTalk contact number 0870 280 7680 can be used to speak with someone who can help you to set up new service, or make changes to your existing service. If you are moving home and would like for your services to go with you, call and speak with an agent. When moving home, it is a good idea to set up a service transfer well in advance to ensure that you have no service downtime during your move. Agents can help with other matters as well, such as cancelling service, helping you to access and manage your online account, accepting bill payments over the phone, and more. Any and all problems can be reported to TalkTalk customer services, including outages, faulty devices, and security concerns.

Talk Talk Product Orders and Returns

Tracking details are provided on all product orders. However, this does not guarantee that no problems will occur. Dial Talk Talk contact number 0870 280 7680 if you need to report a lost or stolen delivery. You should also report the receipt of any devices that have become damaged during the shipping process. A customer service agent can help you to complete the process of returning the item in exchange for a new one. If you have changed your mind about a product or service and need to return a device, dial the TalkTalk number mentioned above to connect with an agent who can provide you the proper steps for making a return.

TalkTalk offer a complete lineup of products and services for individuals, families, and businesses. The support team can help with any matter related to the devices offered, as well as any of the services. Agents can certainly assist with problems, but they can do much more than that. If you need help with your account, are moving home, want to know more about special offers, or would like to apply for financing ring Talk Talk customer service number 0870 280 7680 and connect with any of the highly qualified and helpful support team members.

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