Swiftcover 0870 280 2521

Dial the Swiftcover contact number to get contact a Swiftcover about your insurance policy. The Swiftcover phone number is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Swiftcover Contact Number:
0870 280 2521

Calls cost 13p per minute plus your phone companies access charge.

Swiftcover is an insurance company that has been in operation since 2005. Those who would like to call the company can use Swiftcover contact number 0870 280 2521 to connect. Although the company is one of many online-only businesses, Swiftcover operates customer service call centers in three locations and is headquartered in Surrey, England. The company provides insurance service via its website,, and currently offers vehicle, home, breakdown, travel, and private medical insurance.

Swiftcover Phone Number for Customer Service

Swiftcover encourages all of their customers to use the company website to handle requests. Of course we all know that there will be times when customers need help from an actual agent. Swiftcover contact can be made via phone by calling 0870 280 2521. Email and social media are also contact options for those who would like to use them. The company can be found on Facebook, Twitter, and more. The help section of the company website does provide questions and answers, and can certainly used by anyone who wishes to search for information.

Swiftcover Telephone Number for Account Help

Seeing as this company operates exclusively online, it will be necessary to create an account with them if you plan to purchase any of their insurance services. If you need help with anything related to account creation or maintenance, contact Swiftcover customer support. Help is available with creating accounts, deleting accounts, updating information, password recovery, and more. Note that passwords can be changed or recovered online using the provided functions for doing so.

It is possible to make changes to cover online once you have logged into your account. If you need help with this, call 0870 280 2521 and have an agent help you. Common changes include adding or removing coverage, and increasing or decreasing cover limits. Any and all changes may impact the amount that you pay for service, and this information will be provided to you in advance of making cover changes. Swift Cover customer service can help you if you have any questions about changing service.

Contact Swift Cover for Filing Claims

The claims line is open 24-hours a day, and can be reached by calling 0870 280 2521. When calling, have your policy number available and be prepared to provide that information to the agent. The Swiftcover contact number provided here can be used to report accidents, car crime, windscreen, breakdown claims, and more. It can also be used to report any incident related to the other available insurance products you may have, such as theft of property should your home be burglarized. All incidents should be reported as soon as possible to start the process of reimbursement.

If you would like to check on the status of a claim, call the Swiftcover phone number listed above. The amount of time that it takes to process a claim can vary, depending on several factors. For vehicle accidents, an investigation may be needed. Contact the company immediately after an accident has occurred, preferably while still at the scene of the incident. A trained representative will take your information and then assign someone to determine who was actually at fault.

Swiftcover Contact Number for Rate Quotes

Regardless of which type of insurance you are interested in, free quotes are available when you contact Swiftcover at 0870 280 2521. In some cases, discounts are offered if you choose to purchase more than one type of cover. Quotes can be requested online, and the results can be saved for a short period of time, allowing you to think over the decision of whether or not to select the company for your insurance needs. If any of your personal information or insurance needs change, a new quote will need to be

Swiftcover Car Insurance

Car insurance is what Swiftcover is best known for, and the company offers several different coverage options. Current customers can submit a claim by calling the 24/7 Swiftcover telephone number. The contact number shown here can also be used to request a quote. Although there are several policy options to choose from, the company does offer several things as standard, including:

  • Uninsured Driver Promise – Cover for accidents caused by uninsured drivers.
  • Lifetime Guarantee on Repairs – Any repair completed within the approved network is guaranteed for life.
  • 24 Hour UK Claims Line – Submit a claim at any hour, day or night.
  • Courtesy Car – Receive a courtesy car for up to 14 days while your car is being repaired.

Also included are access to award winning Swiftcover customer service, speedy car insurance quotes, your choice of cover options, a car insurance certificate that can be printed immediately after purchasing a policy, personal online account to keep your paperwork and documents safe in one place online, and no administrative charges when you make changes to your information or coverage by way of your online account.

Optional features that may be added to car insurance include:

Courtesy Car Upgrade – Upgrade to a deluxe courtesy car when your car is being repaired. This cover also extended the provided courtesy car time period from 14-days to 21-days.

No Claims Discount Protection – If you have had coverage for more than one year and have not made a claim, you will be entitled to this discount. After the year has passed and you have been given the discount, you can choose to protect it for a fee. For this fee, you will be allowed to keep the discounted rate if you have had one claim in one year or two claims within three years.

Personal Injury & Rehabilitation – Helps to cover the cost of expert medical care and specialist services. This option may also include up to £100,000 in personal accident payments.

Legal Cover – If you have an accident and it is not your fault, this cover pays for legal expenses up to £100,000. A legal team will be appointed to you and will work to recover any uninsured losses from the party responsible for the accident. This could include medical expenses and a loss of wages that were the result of the accident. Ring the Swiftcover number shown here to find out more about this extra cover.

Breakdown Recovery – Includes roadside assistance, recovery, message assistance to inform close friends or family that you are safe, and key assistance.

Swiftcover Home Insurance

Swiftcover offers two types of home insurance to their customers. Both are entirely optional and not linked to car insurance in any way (aside from a possible multi-cover discount). Contact Swiftcover to request rates and discount policy information. Each customer is allowed to select just the coverage that they want and to pay only for that exact cover. As standard, both of the policies include the following:

  • ‘New for old’ replacements with contents insurance.
  • Alternative accommodations if you can’t stay in your home following a valid claim.
  • Major problems such as fire, flood are included as standard.
  • Additional cover options can be chosen or declined.
  • 24-hour claim lines provide around the clock customer support.
  • Secure online accounts provide coverage details, documents, and forms.
  • No administrative charges when account changes are made online.

The two home insurance policies are Swift MADE and Swift MORE. The first provides buildings insurance up to £500,000 and contents insurance up to £50,000. It also offers up to £2,500 for single valuables. The second option offers buildings insurance up to £750,000 and contents insurance up to £75,000. It includes up to £5,000 for single valuables. Swift MADE offers lots of flexibility and a low rate. Swift MORE offers higher limits, extra features, and more reassurance. Call the Swiftcover telephone number to learn more about coverage levels.

Swiftcover Van Insurance

Van insurance is provided by AXA Insurance UK plc and is offered for drivers who use their van for personal use, business use, or commercial deliveries. Customers can save 10% when purchasing a policy online and up to 60% via a no claims discount. Note that you may be provided with an introductory discount if you are purchasing van cover for the first time. If you have a no claims discounts on a different car or van, it may be transferrable. Call and speak with a Swiftcover representative to enquire about this.

Comprehensive van cover provides:

  • Lifetime guarantee on repairs (as long as you own the van)
  • Minor repairs completed at your location
  • Courtesy van while yours is being repaired
  • New van replacement
  • Coverage for navigation systems and music players
  • Around the clock window and windscreen repairs
  • Replacement locks and keys
  • Coverage for wrong fuel
  • Coverage for up to 93 days of EU travel
  • Up to £250 cover for passenger medical expenses

There optional extras that can be added and you can request that these be included when you call the Swiftcover phone number to request a rate quote. These include three different levels of breakdown cover, protection for your no claims discount, legal assistance cover, and cover for the loss or damage to a trailer that you own.

Swiftcover Breakdown Cover

This type of cover can pay the costs for several different types of vehicle problems. Breakdown cover can be purchased by calling the Swiftcover contact number shown here or directly from the website. There is no requirement to have car insurance with the company in order to buy breakdown cover. Short-term cover is also an option, provided that you will be traveling within Europe. Swiftcover contact is recommended if you would like to know more about short-term cover.

There are four levels of breakdown cover, including:

Swift Roadside – Includes roadside assistance, recovery within a 10 mile radius of the scene (including any caravan or trailer), message assistance to inform close friends or family that you are safe, and key assistance if you lose or break your car keys.

Swift Rescue – Includes roadside assistance, nationwide recovery (including any caravan or trailer), alternative transportation, overnight accommodations, message assistance to inform close friends or family that you are safe, and key assistance if you lose or break your car keys.

Swift Rescue & Home Assistance – Includes roadside assistance, nationwide recovery (including any caravan or trailer), home assistance, alternative transportation, overnight accommodations, message assistance to inform close friends or family that you are safe, and key assistance if you lose or break your car keys.

Swift European – Includes the same cover as Swift Rescue & Home Assistance, but additionally includes cover in the UK and Europe. European cover can also be purchased short-term.

If you have already purchased breakdown cover and are in need of assistance, ring the Swiftcover number as shown here. Placing this call promptly will ensure that someone is dispatched to your location to provide assistance as soon as possible. The rescue line is open for incoming calls 24-hours a day, 7-days a week.

Private Medical Insurance

AXA PPP healthcare is currently one of the top medical insurers in the United Kingdom and has been providing private medical care options since 1940. Today, the company works with Swiftcover to provide healthcare coverage to around two million individuals. If you are interested in purchasing private medical insurance, call Swiftcover customer service and request a quote. Quotes are also available online and those who purchase this type of coverage online will receive a discount of 10% for using the online system.

AXA PPP healthcare offers a range of plans and ways to reduce policy costs while providing the coverage that each individual desires. Every plan that is offered provides coverage for qualifying in-patient and out-patient treatments for any new medical conditions that present themselves after you have purchased coverage. This includes diagnostic scans of the head and body and cancer treatments. There are also plans that include coverage for specialist consultations, diagnostic fees, clinical and complimentary practitioner’s fees, and more. Contact Swiftcover for complete details.

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