The Contact Number

homepageWhen businesses first began appearing online, contact numbers were easy to find. One of the goals at that time was to share such information to ensure that customers and clients could get in touch. Today, we have alternatives, such as social media and live chat, and of course, email as well. Even so, nothing has been able to replace actually speaking with someone who can provide assistance when it is needed. Crowded or busy websites, along with business who would prefer you use contact methods that are less expensive to them can make finding phone numbers difficult. We’re here to help.

The sole goal of The Contact Number is to provide you with the up-to-date contact information that you need. Our service allows you to stop scouring websites, clicking through 10-15 pages just to find the contact information, or being forced to go through a self-help section before being provided with this information. We provide telephone numbers that can be used to directly connect with customer service department agents and representatives. The information we provide is not the sole contact methods for these companies, but they serve the same identical purpose. On top of contact numbers, we provide details about additional contact methods when it is available.

There are so many different reasons as to why someone may need to speak with a live agent. Maybe you noticed an over-charge on your bill, or your cable television has stopped working. Maybe you need to return an item that you purchased online, or simply need to ask a few questions before making a purchase. Regardless of the reasoning behind your need to place a call, it will be the customer service area of the business that you need to speak with. Customer support exists for only one purpose, and that is to help current and prospective customers in any way that they can. Do not hesitate to reach out to someone if you need any type of help.

Even though other contact methods are now an option, these alternate methods can be time consuming, and can cause problems with miscommunication. Emails can take 24-hours or longer to receive an answer, and social media posts many times do not receive any response. There are also security matters to be concerned with. If you need to contact PayPal about connecting a payment method to your account, would you post that account information on social media? Of course not. Any matter that involves the sharing of private information or payment information is best handled over the phone.

All of the service provider contact numbers provided on The Contact Number can be used to report service outages and emergencies. Email and social media are not the best options for making such reports, as they may be overlooked for quite some time. In most cases, emergencies and outages can be reported around the clock when you phone the company. Feel free to bookmark our website in order to be able to pull up important phone numbers quickly and easily. We ensure that you can find the number needed to report an emergency right away.

Customer support is in place for a reason, and customers and clients should not hesitate to make use of it. Whether you wish to ask questions complain, set up service, ask for a refund, place an order, and more, help is available. We do hope that the contact information that we provide will help you to get the fastest response to your query, so that you can quickly move on with the rest of your busy day.

Wowcher – 0870 280 2527 *
Littlewoods – 0870 280 2540 *
Yorkshire Water – 0870 280 2380 *
Virgin Mobile – 0870 280 2394 *
Expedia – 0870 280 2562 *
Aviva – 0870 280 2375 *
Swiftcover – 0870 280 2521 *
Anglian Water – 0870 280 2578 *
Direct Line – 0870 280 2525 *
First Utility – 0870 280 2536 *

* Calls cost 13p per minute plus your phone companies access charge.